Commercial Window Cleaning

From MEWP and BMU access to reach and wash solutions, iClean is your go-to window cleaning service in the north of England.

At iClean, our extensive fleet of specialist window cleaning equipment means that we can work on a wide range of buildings, high-rise included – meaning that no spot is missed! Based in the north of England and serving areas including Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield, we are renowned for our high standards.

Our Window Cleaning Services

Blade FM Commercial Window Cleaning

Cherry Picker and MEWP

We can reach heights up to 103 metres ensuring that your windows are clean, top to bottom.

Reach and Wash

Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

Reach and wash window cleaning is commonplace in all our window cleaning operations and projects.

Rope Access Window Cleaning - Blade FM

Rope Access Window Cleaning

The quickest and cheapest option is rope access window cleaning provided by our highly trained IRATA operatives.

Professional Window Cleaning

Traditional Window Cleaning

Fast, effective, efficient window cleaning for all low-level glazed buildings, offices and retail outlets.

Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Windows on building sites and new build constructions need to be cleaned before hand-over.

Blade FM Commercial Window Cleaning

BMU / Cradle Window Cleaning

We have experience with all types of Window Cleaning Cradles and Building Maintenance Units.

Benefits of Our Window Cleaning Service

iClean is more than your typical window cleaner. Take a read of the benefits of our commercial window cleaning service below.

Why Choose iClean’s Commercial Window Cleaning Service?

iClean has 20  years of experience in commercial window cleaning and has built up a strong reputation across the north of England. Here’s just a few reasons why you should choose our services:

  • Proven track record – 95% of our work comes through referrals of happy customers
  • Certified workers – our team are ISO 9001 certified so you know you are receiving a quality service 
  • High Rise Access – our variety of in house machinery means we can access your commercial property no matter how tall. 
  • Traffic Management – we can implement traffic management to ensure our service does not negatively impact traffic near your property.

Get in touch with us today for a bespoke quote for your commercial property. 

Post-Construction Window Cleaning

High Rise Access Options 

At iClean, we’re well equipped to service a wide range of buildings, including high-rise. Our tower scaffold also provides us the ability to complete work safely on high rise buildings that require us to access various parts of a building. 

Likewise, our truck and track mounted access platforms provide stability over a larger surface area, making it easier to clean windows in challenging locations.

Areas We Serve

We’re renowned for our window cleaning services across the north of England and serve a wide range of locations including Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Bradford and their surrounding areas.

Take a read of one of our successful window cleaning case studies in Leeds.

Trust iClean with Your Commercial Window Cleaning

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our experienced team will be in touch with a  free quote for your commercial window cleaning project. Whatever the size of your building, don’t hesitate to call because we have the access equipment to get the job done properly.

Commercial Window Cleaning FAQs

How Do You Clean Commercial Building Windows?

Commercial window cleaners firstly remove the loose dirt and cobwebs from windows before they start the deep clean. Then they wet the windows with warm soapy water and squeegee it with overlapping strokes to ensure that no parts of the window are missed. In between each stroke, the blade needs to be wiped down with a dry sponge.

What Do Commercial Window Cleaners Use to Clean Windows?

Commercial Window Cleaners use squeegees that have a rubber blade on the top to clean windows. This is because it helps to spread the clean soapy water across the window and leave a fresh finish without any streaks.

How Often Should Roofs Be Cleaned?

It is advised that windows should not be cleaned with any products that contain ammonia or alcohol because they can leave streaks and attract dust.