Commercial Window Cleaning in Leeds

iClean have been providing commercial window cleaning services across the UK for many years and have built up a positive reputation.

Our range of specialist access equipment allows us to provide this service to buildings of all sizes with no restrictions. Keep reading to learn more about a successful project we completed in Leeds.

Leeds Case Study

iClean were approached 3 years ago by the building manager after they had been referred to us by a neighbouring building. Located in central Leeds, they requested a quote for a full commercial window cleaning project of the 5 story building  building. 

Project Preparation

Due to the location of the site, intricate planning was required for this project. Initially, we had to apply for council permits to ensure that mounted truck platforms could be safely set up to complete the window cleaning. This included  traffic and pedestrian management so that local traffic could safely flow around the mounted platform whilst the project was being completed.

Machinery & Window Cleaning Method Used

After assessing the scope of the building, our expert team opted for the use of a truck-mounted platform and rope access window cleaning to ensure that all windows on the building could be reached. This meant that both the height and width of the building were not a restriction and every window could be cleaned efficiently. 

The traditional method of cleaning windows with an applicator and squeegee was used because of the heavily trafficked area there is often a  large amount of build up of traffic related pollution on the windows. Therefore the traditional method allows this to be removed more thoroughly. 

Project Results

After only one day of work by two of our experienced team, the full commercial window cleaning project was complete to an excellent standard.

The whole project was planned and completed efficiently, whilst also adhering to safety regulations. The client was so pleased with the results, that we have worked with them every year since.

Who Can We Help?

iClean is ready to help a wide range of businesses that want to: 

  • ensure proper drainage;
  • avoid unnecessary water damage;
  • reduce the likelihood of gutter repairs in the future. 

Contact us today to learn more about why gutter cleaning is so important and how it could impact your building.

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