Commercial Brick Cleaning Service

Professional commercial brick cleaning services to ensure your building and brickwork remains strong and happy.

Over time, brickwork can become dirty, stained and covered in moss or algae. At iClean, we revamp the appearance of your bricks using a combination of equipment. Through the use of both our best class pressure washing equipment and our range of versatile access solutions, we’ll deliver a brick cleaning service that will completely refresh the exterior aesthetic of your building. 

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Benefits of Our Commercial Brick Service

With iClean, you can expect more than your average building cleaning company. Here’s just a few of the benefits of working with us:

About Our Brick Cleaning Service

Our professional brick cleaners are highly skilled and have many years of experience in using acid for brick cleaning as well as removing carbon from old brickwork. All of our brick cleaning services are performed professionally with all necessary safety precautions put in place throughout the service.

We don’t use any damaging high-pressure cleaning techniques that can corrode and crack the brick. Instead, we opt for a combination of two techniques, depending on a variety of factors, including the water supply, weather conditions, atmospheric temperatures, treatment procedures and different types of bricks. 

  • High temperature, low pressure hot steaming
  • Chemical-assisted brick cleaning

Why Choose iClean?

At iClean, we have years of experience and have built up a strong reputation for brick cleaning services. Here’s just a few reasons why you should choose us:

  • Proven track record – 95% of our work comes through referrals of happy customers
  • Certified workers – our team are ISO 9001 certified so you know you are receiving a quality service 
  • High rise access – our variety of in house machinery means we can access your commercial property no matter how tall
  • Traffic management – we can implement an in house traffic management scheme to ensure our service does not negatively impact traffic near your property

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Areas We Cover

Our main areas of service include Leeds, Manchester, York and Bradford, but we’re happy to travel across the North if you’re not quite within these areas.

Trust iClean with Your Commercial Brick Cleaning 

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Brick Cleaning FAQs

Is Professional Brick Cleaning Worth it? 

Having stained and dirty walls can be very attractive and put people off going into the building. This can be particularly impactful on businesses and commercial buildings, so it’s important to ensure that you maintain the brickwork. A clean workplace can also create an environment where employees are proud of working there. In these ways professional brick cleaning can be seen as an investment.

Whether you’re looking at cleaning a household or business property, ensuring that you adequately clean brick pathways can also prevent slips and falls on algae or dirt. 

Cleaning algae and other issues consistently will also keep the wall strong and prevent any lasting damage to the wall. Algae covered brick can cause dampness within homes and permanent staining or corrosion.

Is Soft Washing Cheaper Than Pressure Washing?

Soft washing and high-pressure washing both use a commercial specialist cleaning equipment/machinery. The softwash machine mixes and dilutes  the necessary cleaning solutions and applies it appropriately depending on the chosen surface. 

Because both soft washing and high-pressure washing is completed with the same machine, the costs are very similar. This being said, we strongly advise against using any high pressure washer on brickwork. This can erode the brick and cause structural issues and cracks.

How Often Should I Get My Brick Cleaned?

We recommend annual treatment of any brickwork in your home or building. Performing this cleaning annually will prevent common issues that occur from algae or unclean brick such as dampness within homes or permanent staining and corrosion.