Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

The most accessible and practical window cleaning solution

Reach and Wash Window Cleaning – The Accessible Solution

The Working at Height Regulations (2005) influenced the way we work when cleaning windows at height. The updated regulations paved the way for the introduction of reach and wash window cleaning systems, which have eliminated the requirement to “work at height”. Where practicable to do so, operatives can now clean windows from the ground, reaching heights of 70 feet (20m).

As Reach and Wash gives great ease of access from all sides of a building, and substantial heights can be reached, it has become a popular choice for cleaning windows both commercially as well as domestically.

iClean Operatives onsite with Reach and Wash

How Reach and Wash Window Cleaning Works

The system works using water purification, which helps with eliminating the impurities that can cause streaks and dry spots in other types of window cleaning. Once connected, the purified water is pumped through telescopic fibreglass poles through a brush head and onto the glazing. Our trained operatives then use a special technique to clean and rinse the glazing allowing the windows to dry naturally for a clean clear finish.

Typical window cleaning using tap water, which contains many minerals and impurities. With the water purification that occurs in Reach and Wash, the minerals that can stain or streak the surface of the glazing are removed, allowing your windows to look their very best. This, along with the special brush heads and the constant flow of water, ensures the best cleaning experience possible.

Reach and Wash Systems are ideal for use in:

– Schools and Colleges

– City Centre Offices

– Car Showrooms

– Nursing Homes

– Large Homes and Properties

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