Fascia & uPVC Cleaning

Looking like new again.

If your home has uPVC or fascias, the chances are that you could have been told that they are made from maintenance-free material but the reality is that when uPVC aspects of your home get dirty they quickly change colour and become unsightly, but don’t worry as I-Clean Support Services can rejuvenate your uPVC from our very first clean.

Our team have been providing a leading professional uPVC cleaning service throughout the Bradford and surrounding region for years and have helped thousands of home owners just like you to eliminate those dull looking windows, doors, conservatories and roof linings and restore them back to as new condition.

The UK weather is one of the biggest enemies for uPVC elements on your house and the changing conditions means that dirt and grime builds up on them quickly and unfortunately if not cleaned, can leave the original colour stained with a much duller appearance.

Our cleaning process will remove that dirt and grime with eco-friendly cleaning techniques that don’t make use of harmful cleaning chemicals or detergents while delivering what many consider to be even better finished results than industry-standard cleaners.
How often should uPVC be cleaned?

We are often asked how often we recommend that uPVC areas of your home are cleaned and generally we tell our customers that they should be looking to keep an eye on the condition of their windows, doors and other uPVC materials to see when they feel that they are beginning to show signs of dirt and grime.

The longer that you leave the dirt and grime before cleaning your uPVC, the harder it becomes to restore them back to their original colouring and because of that we have customers that have their uPVC cleaned between two to four times a year and others that opt to have them cleaned every month, so the decision is yours.