Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Driveway JetWashing Cleaning

Our team are fully certified and insured technicians that have experience of tackling even the most stubborn surface grime and stains, making use of the latest industry-leading equipment to blast away even the most difficult grime and marks to restore your driveway or patio back to its former glory.

As a company we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our services are of the highest standards and couple that with a dedication to being eco-friendly, meaning that unlike some other providers we don’t make use of harmful chemicals or detergents to achieve our superior level of results.

We are often faced with patios and driveways that have been exposed to moss, lichens and other unsightly weeds and while they can be seen as an eye sore and make you feel that they give a poor impression of your property and our patio and driveway jet washing service is the ideal solution.
Can your driveway and patio jet washing service remove stains like oil?

In short, yes, we have proven time and time again that with the right equipment and expertise, getting rid of stains even as tough as oil is achievable every time, without the need for chemicals or detergents.

We know there aren’t many things more unsightly on your driveway than an oil stain and it can be hard to remove them, meaning that they are there for all to see, resulting in the first impressions of your property being one that you would rather forget but at iClean we have you covered.

The UK weather can take its toll on both your driveways and patio areas, especially throughout the winter months as the temperatures continue to drop and that is why at I-Clean Support Services we have created a patio and driveway jet washing service that can help you to reclaim your outdoor surfaces.

Oil being cleaned from a driveway

While many other providers struggle to eliminate difficult stains and blemishes on your driveway or patio areas, our jet washing service providers you with a superior level of clean, helping to rejuvenate your outdoor space and restoring them to give the impression that you have just had it laid.

Again, we are dedicated to ensuring that iClean continues to strive to be eco-friendly and that means that we don’t make use of harmful or damaging chemicals to be able to achieve the stunning results that we create, instead we make use of the latest technology and equipment to lift surface grime and stains to ensure that we remove them permanently.